Ike's Place Facing Eviction

Fans of Ike's Place know how hard it can be to battle the epic lines to score a Fat Bastard sandwich. Next week, owner Ike Shehadeh will likely find out how hard it'll be to stay in business on 16th Street.

The New York Times is reporting that the popular sandwich shop is facing eviction. From the Times:

These days, the outside of the sandwich shop looks like a North Beach nightclub — but at 2 in the afternoon. There is always a line of young people, cordoned by rope, sometimes halfway down the block. Cars roll up to the curb, music thumping. The neighbors cannot stand it. “I don't know if you'd like crowds and garbage and cigarettes butts and people yelling in front of your home,” said Julian Lastowski, a lawyer for one resident. Neighbors say customers leave trash in mail slots and on the sidewalk. And for years, there has been a sticky odor of grease from the kitchen.

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