Ike's Place Still Waiting for Court Date in Eviction Case

A month after going public with news of his threatened eviction, the owner of Ike's Place is still awaiting a trial date. Ike Shehadeh said he's surprised by the delay ― three weeks have passed since his attorney answered allegations from Ike's landlord, Denman S. Drobisch, in court ― but wouldn't speculate about what the delay might mean. “It's not going as fast is it could go, that's all we know,” Shehadeh said.

Drobisch served Shehadeh with an eviction notice in April, after four residents who share the building with the feverishly popular sandwich shop threatened to sue both Drobisch and Shehadeh. Shehadeh has alleged that, since Ike's opened in 2009, the neighbors have engaged in harassment of his workers and customers, and have logged numerous calls to the police and Health and Planning Departments with reports of violations.

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