Ike's Place Survives Summary Judgment Hearing; Instant Eviction Threat Off the Table

It looks like Ike's Place has dodged a huge bullet in its ongoing eviction threat. This morning, the hearing for summary judgment went in favor of the Castro sandwich shop, meaning that Ike's worst-case scenario ― eviction within three days ― isn't happening.

“It was the outcome we were hoping for,” owner Ike Shehadeh said, giving a nod to supporters who showed up at this morning's hearing. “At this point there's no way we can be evicted without a trial.”

What's the next step? Ike's landlord will have to decide whether he wants to take the case to trial, or engage in some kind of settlement. Shehadeh says that, so far, landlord Denman Drobisch has rebuffed the notion of negotiating a settlement, but ― who knows? ― with this morning's news, that might change.

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