Important Taco Announcement: New Street Vendor Rides Onto Mission Street

As I was rushing to the bank yesterday to deposit rent money, my food radar nearly exploded after passing this:

[jump] It took me two seconds and two steps before what my eyes saw had registered in my brain. This dude was peddling tacos from a red cooler strapped onto the back of his bike in front of Sheikh Shoes on Mission Street. I loved everything about it and just had to investigate. It was my duty as a self-proclaimed taco connoisseur (a taconnoisseur, if you will). 

There were two types of tacos available: a chicken tinga and a longaniza/potato, each priced at $2.50. I had one of each:

The chicken tinga was lovely: Chicken breast was shredded and moist from stewing in an intensely tomato-ey base. The longaniza and potato were equally delightful and were coated in a bright, acidic, tangy salsa verde of tomatillos and jalapenos. They were both served on a bed of Spanish rice that soaked up all the juicy deliciousness and also provided a little heft to the tacos.

After inhaling my meal, I was able to find out some more details. The taco entrepreneur's name is Alfonso. He started doing this taco venture three weeks ago to support his family after losing his construction job.

He doesn't have a name for this enterprise, but I'm dubbing this venture Tacos Al Fonso. Catch him if you can on Mission between 21st and 25th starting at 11:30 a.m. Monday-Saturday.

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