Important Taco Announcement: Tartine's Final Taco Pop-Up Tonight

Tacos and Tartine are two of my favorite things in life. So when Tartine started hosting a taco pop-up a couple years ago, I was ecstatic. Just think about it: a baker at Tartine whose antojitos (“little cravings”) were so strong that the one and only Chad Robertson encouraged him to slang tacos from Tartine's windows. How could that not be good?

[jump] Said baker and taco-slanger extraordinaire is named Cameron Wallace, and his taco pop-up is called LOQUI. If this is the first time you're hearing of such magic, then do yourself a favor, cancel all Friday evening plans, and head over to Tartine Bakery tonight; it is LOQUI's final pop-up. 

Wallace usually does two types of tacos, a corn and flour (handmade, of course), and fills the tacos with some sort of delicious meat — usually carne asada, carnitas, or birria. With this being the last pop-up, Wallace announced on Twitter that he “will be making extra food and staying open a little later than usual…” He usually opens the windows around 7:30pm.

As a self-proclaimed taco guru and taco connoisseur (a taconnoisseur if you will), I highly recommend you experience Wallace's work, especially since this will be the last chance to do so in the form of a taco pop-up at Tartine. You'll be guaranteed a tacogasm. 

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