In-N-Out’s Rare New Menu Addition: Hot Cocoa

California's fast-food darling has added a new item for the first time in 15 years — and kids get a free cup on rainy days.

In-N-Out famously like to keep things simple, and for that reason, the chain seldom adds official menu items.

It’s been 15 years since the last menu expansion — lemonade is the newest addition, according to the Orange County Register — but they’ve added something that screams palm trees and California: hot cocoa.

At $1.60 for a small cup and $2.50 for a large, it’s actually a perfect blend of chocolate and creaminess. California isn’t nearly as cold as most states — it’s frequently on fire, in fact — but it makes sense here in San Francisco, where fog stirs cravings for warmth.

Customers also have the option to add little marshmallows, and kids can receive a free cup on rainy days — at least at the Daly City location. 

Photo by Ida Mojadad

Local chocolatier Ghirardelli supplies the chocolate, the Register also noted. (That makes the North Beach In-N-Out’s hot cocoa hyperlocal.) And although this comforting drink is made with water, it tastes like it’s from the finest cows our plutocrats can buy.

The hot beverage wasn’t immediately listed on the menu at the Daly City location, so you can still think of it as another secret menu item. Wow your dining mates with insider knowledge and order a hot cocoa — and maybe add a Flying Dutchman or root beer float.

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