In S.F., You Might Have to Observe National Lasagna Day By Nuking Something at Home

Not a favorite of local chefs.

Since it was Buca de Beppo who tipped us off that today is National Lasagna Day, we feel duty-bound to mention that if you purchase any pasta dish or entrée at one of its restaurants today (there's one at 855 Howard at Fourth St.) they'll throw in a serving of free lasagna. Not up to Buca's overflowing platters but still feel like celebrating? Surprisingly, the layered pasta dish seems to be in short supply in San Francisco.

A spot check of favorite Italian restaurants revealed that not only won't there be lasagna on their menus today, it almost never makes an appearance. Incanto told us simply, “We don't do lasagna.” Bar Bambino said they've only served it once: at a recent Monday night regional dinner featuring the cooking of Campania. And Perbacco chef Staffan Terje said, “It's kind of a fall item for a cold night. I do a free-form wild mushroom lasagna, folded in on itself — not a very structured lasagna.”

Neither Tuscan-inspired Delfina nor Ligurian-flavor Farina features the dish. After all, it is credited to Bologna, in Emilia-Romagna, so we wouldn't expect it on the Sardinian menu at La Ciccia. But surprisingly, it doesn't show up at family-style Joey & Eddie's either.

In fact, the only place we enjoy where we've spotted it is at Joe Dimaggio's, where a serving of wood-oven-baked lasagna (fresh pasta, Bolognese, Italian cheeses, and marinara) will run you $20.


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