Is Meat-Eating the Cause of Every Bacterial Outbreak in the Food System?

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We'll say it up front: Eggs tainted with salmonella are a searing condemnation of the current food system. Vegansaurus contributor meaverly heaps up an evidence pile of they system's failures taller than chicken manure in a hen factory: a menacing superstrain of E. coli in ground beef, Enterobacter sakazakii-tinged dairy products. Her conclusions: Stop the meat industry before it infects even non-animal foods.

Of course it's safer–and more humane, but duh–not to eat animal products, but for how much longer? If we don't change our methods of food production, the world is fucked. The animal-borne bacteria will get into our produce because giant farms aren't careful with their runoff, and we'll all perish of some kind of horrible E. coli/Salmonella hybrid.

Now, we agree that the world is teetering on the edge of fucked. And while we admire vegans for plenty of things, we don't think recent incidents of tainted animal foods in any way finger meat-eating generally. What about recent contaminations of spinach, cantaloupes, lettuce, and tomatoes? What about peanut butter? Vindication for meaverly's thesis that animal-raising and slaughter are at the root of every failure in the food system? We're not convinced.

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