Is Schmidt's Fed-Up Neighbor Victim or Aggressor?

Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Rigoberto Hernandez's crack reporting at Mission Loc@l Monday about the apparently pissed-off neighbor upstairs from würst house Schmidt's smacks of everything that's bad and good about San Francisco. Longtime resident Patricia Kerman posted a sign in her bay window, an arrow pointing at Schmidt's with the words “bad neighbors.” There's glimmer here of last month's flareup by Castro neighbors over Ike's Place. Whatever the particulars, restaurant owners feel harassed by neighbors waging campaigns of eviction: screaming at workers (that's been alleged at Ike's), calling the Health Department to report bogus violations (again, alleged about Ike's neighbors), or, in the case of Schmidt's lobbying the public's sympathies. What results is conflict between landlords and business owners.

Hernandez lays out the difficulties:

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