Is That's It's Torta Cubana Really the World's Largest?

This sign has been taunting SFoodie for months, and not just because the adjective doesn't accord with the noun it modifies. We've been feeling the pull of the Mexican-style Cuban sandwich, which is The Thing of cubanos, exposed to cosmic rays while out on a routine space expedition and mutated beyond recognition. Where the Cuban cubano contains its mess ― melted cheese, pork times two, and pickles ― in a compact, pressed length of bread, the Mexican torta explodes. It's a Dagwood Bumstead torta, a Meat Lover's Special torta, as daunting as it is compelling.

We decided to compare the colossus with the legendary six-meat torta cubana from Boos Voni in the Excelsior, which is one of our favorite sources for carnitas tortas.

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