Is Your Champagne Unworthy of a Toast? Turn It into Cocktails

If the idea of dropping a Benjamin on a couple of nice bottles of Champagne isn't something you're ready to do yet, or if you find yourself with a supply of sparkling wine you don't want to spend the evening drinking, sparkling cocktails have your back.

Armed with a few simple ingredients, you can turn a ho-hum sparkling wine into some tasty cocktails. Be warned, though: Some sparkling wines are simply without redemption. These might be better used as practice for your sabrage skills, or for spraying over each other at midnight.

The two easiest cocktails to make are the kir royale and the classic champagne cocktail. For the kir, take a decent bottle of crème de cassis or your favorite liqueur and float it on a glass of sparkling wine. For the champagne cocktail, drop a sugar cube wetted with a few dashes of angostura bitters into the wine and wait for it to dissolve.

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