It's Official: Rainbow's Discount Coupons are History

Mission Loc@l leaked word earlier this month that member-workers at Rainbow Grocery had voted down its 4-year-old midweek coupon promo. Wails of anguish ensued, along with reports of dissension in the co-op and the occasional sigh of relief form regulars who'd been snared more than once in coupon-day checkout lines. Today, Rainbow made it official: As of right now, 20-percent-off phone-book coupons are done.

Turns out Rainbow workers voted down the coupons in July, says public relations committee member Jennifer Stocker. Today's release cites store congestion and paper waste as concerns. Stocker says she thinks the coupon system was seriously anti-green. “Having them in the phone book did create a lot of waste,” she says, “because people would just order more phone books. That was not our intention.”

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