It's On: McDonald's Vs. Starbucks

We knew it was coming, and now it finally has: the biggest addition to McDonald's menu in 30 years. Baristas! Since Starbucks has been struggling lately, the burger clown has seen fit to kick them while they're down and get in on the hot gourmet coffee action. Ain't business grand? The concept is already being tested in the Kansas City Area, according to this fascinating Wall Street Journal article, which lays out the long-in-the-making train wreck that is the McDonald's vs. Starbucks showdown. Former Starbucks marketer John Moore snags the funniest quote, waxing poetic on the old days:

Early on, Starbucks didn't see the Golden Arches as a competitor “because McDonald's was selling hot, brown liquid masquerading as coffee.”

While McDonald's s poaching much of the Starbucks concept, there is one thing they're not taking:

“Ads for the espresso drinks … say you don't get a “condescending look” for mispronouncing the size of the drink at McDonald's — a jab at the “grande” and “venti” sizes at Starbucks. (At McDonald's, you just ask for small, medium or large.)”

(via Eater SF)

Photo courtesy/Medill Reports

— Brian Bernbaum

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