Jacked-Up Seniors, Caffeine Nixed for Hopeful Moms, Hot Jobs in Fast Food

Today's notes on national stories, local trends, random tastes, and other bycatch dredged up from the food media. Jonathan Kauffman is out this week, so Jesse Hirsch is filling in on Talking Points. Teamwork!

1. Energy Drinks for Seniors. The Wall Street Journal did a piece on the growing demand for high-octane energy drinks among the 60-plus crowd. Combating the propensity of seniors to nod off by 6 p.m., 5-Hour Energy has started aggressively marketing its product at AARP conferences, using Cliff Clavin as their celeb spokesman. It's like a return to the '80s, when every commercial featured grannies on skateboards with electric guitars.

2. Pregnancy Jitters. Speaking of caffeine, Time discusses a new study that links the stuff to difficulties getting pregnant. The research is far from conclusive, but initial results seem to indicate women who drink less than 50 milligrams of coffee a day (an average cup of coffee has 100) are more likely to achieve a live birth after in-vitro fertilization. The head researcher doesn't want hopeful moms to put too much stock in the study. After all, “our mothers smoked and drank and most of us are mentally intact,” she says.

3. Fast Food Jobs in Demand. In a disheartening state-of-the-times piece, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution looks at the hot market for fast food jobs. It's slim pickins for job seekers, and experienced workers with marketable skills are increasingly vying for jobs at McDonald's. The article also makes mention of older workers applying for jobs that are typically thought of as starter positions for teens. Yet another reason 5-Hour Energy sales are spiking.

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