James Freeman, Blue Bottle Coffee Founder, Just Wrote the Book on Coffee

Any good San Franciscan knows how to muse over a cup of coffee. We can't help but remembering fondly the coffee drinkers at Four Barrel who continued sipping obliviously as two burglars used this hipster hotspot as an attempted escape route last November. I've sat in many a coffee shop, eavesdropping on coffee drinkers engaged in careful analysis as they wax poetic over the chocolate aroma of an espresso shot.

In the book he co-wrote that will hit shelves this October, however, founder and owner of Blue Bottle Coffee Company James Freeman dispels any stain of snobbery from the coffee connoisseur. Freeman collaborated with Blue Bottle pastry chef Caitlin Freeman and James Beard Award-winning food writer Tara Duggan to put all the secrets of Blue Bottle between two covers. Freeman opens The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee: Growing, Roasting and Drinking, with Recipes with a description of his first experiences with coffee. 
He recounts the pre-ground coffee his parents drank with lots of extra-rich milk as he was growing up and the hundreds of glasses he downed as a pharmacological necessity while studying and performing the clarinet through graduate school. After stumbling into the coffee business and building up a name for Blue Bottle with farmers market push carts and a kiosk in a friend's garage, Freeman found himself transformed into a true coffee expert and devotee.

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