Joanne Weir, Looking in the City ― with Lunch

We first met Joanne Weir in the fall of 2002. No, not in person. We were avid watchers of KQED's Saturday morning cooking shows then, and the only thing half as funny as Julia Child and Jacques Pepin bickering in the kitchen was Weir's Chez Panisse-ified and weirdly stony Cooking in the City, in which she rolled through farmers' markets and dropped in on city chefs like a ginger-haired Mister Rogers.

In a lead-up to this year's Travel, Food, and Photography conference, Weir is curating a “day of culinary inspiration” this Wednesday. The class will meet at 9 a.m. at Book Passage in Corte Madera and proceed by ferry to the San Francisco Ferry Building for an in-depth tour of shops, plenty of samples, and, lastly, a lunch at Mijita. If you're attending the conference, the class is $100; if you're not, $150, please.

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