Jonathan Gold-Rick Bayless Bitchfest Begs the Meaning of 'Authentic'

Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Uh-oh. LA Weekly food critic Jonathan Gold has made Chicago chef Rick Bayless eat his words, after Gold called Bayless out for saying ― stupidly ― that his L.A. restaurant Red O would (finally, presumably) introduce Angelinos to authentic Mexican cuisine.

Gustavo Arellano, ¡Ask A Mexican! columnist and food editor at our sister pub OC Weekly, went public yesterday with the blow-by-blow:

In particular, Gold zeroed in on Bayless' inclusion of chilpachole ― a glorious seafood soup from Veracruz ― as some rarity, when Gold said the soup was easily available in the Southland, along with dozens of other Mexican regional specialties. Very true: I saw Red O's menu, and you can purchase nearly every meal he offers somewhere in Southern California (and most of them in Orange County, even).

Bayless responded via blog comment that, Pulitzer be damned, Gold is, well, a hack:

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