Jonathan Kauffman's 2010 Favorites Reveal S.F.'s New Dining Landscape

A favorite dish usually doesn't reveal more than some quirk of your own id, or the scale of your aspirations. For SF Weekly food critic Jonathan Kauffman, his recollection of the five best things he ate this year is a window into the state of San Francisco food, indelibly date-stamped 2010.

The narrative of the city's food culture took more twists this year than a two-season stretch of Breaking Bad. In a year that was supposed to be about cheap food, fine dining surged, obscure specialists went above ground, romanticism ruled, and, following 2009's geek-fight over figs on a plate (may the phrase die a permanent and painful death), a handful of local chefs pushed into the avant-garde with a casualness that felt fully in line with Bay Area minimalism.

Visit Kauffman's roundup of the dishes he still thinks about, then read he take on 2010's return to the idiosyncratic vision, last stop on SFoodie's countdown of the top food storylines of the year. It's been an amazing year to have an appetite in San Francisco.

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