Julie's Coffee & Tea Garden in Alameda is a Reason to Cross Two Bridges

Although Alameda is almost literally smack dab in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area, it's always been somewhat of a culinary wasteland*. However, lately there's a sea of promising restaurants opening, and some of the old classics are kicking it up a notch. One is Julie's Coffee and Tea Garden, an adorably tiny cafe on Alameda's main drag, Park street. Julie's offers an incredible selection of teas and a lunch menu that'll rival anything on Church street, scone for scone. Plus, an impossibly lovely backyard teaming with succulents, heat lamps, and wooden picnic tables. You'll have no choice but to question why you're selling off your babies and organs just to live in that shit box in the Tenderloin. Hello, Alameda!

Now, onto the food. Oh, the food.

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