Just in Time for Halloween: The World's Deadliest Foods

Think last night's burrito made you sick? Even the worst food poisoning from the grubbiest taqueria is nothing compared to what might happen if you chow down on these really deadly foods.

8. Fugu
Eating fugu, or Japanese pufferfish, is always a life-or-death gamble. Considered a delicacy, the rather cute little critter contains a poison called tetrodotoxin that's anything but cuddly — it's 1,200 times more deadly than cyanide! Not everyone who eats the stuff dies, though approximately 100 fugu-eaters do keel over every year. The risk is all in the preparation. A good fugu chef knows how to prepare the fish so it's a benign and tasty treat. But how do you know there isn't some hack behind the sushi bar?

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