Kauffman in 'Eat': At Enjoy Vegetarian, Dinner Comes in Inverted Commas

For run-of-the-feedlot omnivores, eating from conviction can seem quaint, the adorably earnest manifesto of a precocious 14-year-old. It isn't, of course, especially for Buddhists, for whom right practice means refraining from torturing wives and beef cows. Today in “Eat,” SF Weekly food critic Jonathan Kauffman spends some cruelty-free time at Enjoy Vegetarian on Kearny, spinoff of the Inner Sunset original. The new place draws a healthy crowd of Chinese Buddhists, loading up on deft examples of mock-meat cooking: five-spice “pork belly,” braised “spareribs,” eerily flaky “goose,” a Vegas buffet of inverted-comma proteins. Read up on the particulars ― including Kauffman's take on the rationale for avoiding onions and garlic ― at SFWeekly.com. Prime yourself, before you go, with this excerpt (after the jump):

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