Keep Hunger in Mind With #chocolategives

Working with the S.F.-Marin Food Bank, Seattle Chocolate Company wants to break its 2015 record of 280,707 donated meals.

Homelessness in San Francisco — crisis that it is — dominates news coverage of poverty in the Bay Area, but as we work through giant Gladware containers of homemade cranberry chutney and turn those leftover turkey bones into stock, it’s important to keep another aspect of the region’s high cost of living in mind: hunger.

Seattle Chocolates' Jcoco ilne (Peter Lawrence Kane)
Seattle Chocolates’ Jcoco ilne (Peter Lawrence Kane)


Food insecurity is a major issue here in spite of our proximity to some of the planet’s richest agricultural regions. So, as it has done in the past, Seattle Chocolates joined forces with the indomitable S.F.-Marin Food Bank for a campaign to combat the scourge of hunger in the Bay Area, foodie paradise that it is. Through their #chocolategives campaign, which runs through Dec. 31, the artisanal confectioner will donate a meal with every purchase either of jcoco, its line of culinary-inspired chocolate bars, or of its new “Comfort and Joy” holiday bar.

Further, if you take a picture and tag it #chocolategives on Instagram or Twitter, they’ll make an additional gift. In 2015, the company set a record of 280,707 donations across four cities (S.F., N.Y.C., Boston, and Seattle) and it’s aiming for half a million this year.

Jcoco, for what it’s worth, is an impressive line. Beyond the company’s signature lumberjack-flannel packaging, the seven different bars come wrapped in neon hues, and include superb flavors like edamame sea salt (in milk chocolate), noble dark (72 percent dark chocolate with cocoa nibs), and cayenne veracruz orange (in white chocolate). In other words, eat something delicious and do something good for humanity this year.

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