King of Cürrywurst Will Soon Rule San Francisco

Dirk Adolphs was selling software insurance in Cologne, Germany. When he got to the Bay Area what did he miss most? Cürrywurst, sausages heated in ketchup-heavy curry sauce. The quintessential German street food has cultural resonance ― its birthday is said to be Sep. 4, 1949, when a Berliner named Herta Heuwer sauced local bratwurst with a slurry of Anglo-American relief rations (ketchup, Worcestershire, curry powder).

Blame something in the California water, but when Adolphs was ready to hit some underground Bay Area markets as the King of Cürrywurst he decided to do it up vegan, something he says is rare in the fatherland. After reading a SFoodie post in June about Whole Foods reaching out to local street-food vendors to develop retail products, Adolphs bit. A packaged version of his vegan cürrywurst ($4.99 for a single-serving package) hit the shelves at the SOMA and Noe Valley stores just about two weeks ago; the Potrero Hill and Franklin stores should have it in another week or so.

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