Korean Seoul On Wheels Found, Chowhounders Call Off Search

The existence of an elusive Korean lunch truck rumored to roam the streets of SOMA around lunchtime has finally been proven thanks to the intrepid Gutenberg over at Bunrab. Known as Seoul On Wheels, the truck — whose mysterious website features only a menu — promises “the tastiest Korean food this side of Pecos! Served up by the famous BBQ Princess of Yoon, from the province of Yummii.”

Ah yes, the province of Yummii. We know it well: heaping portions of spicy pork, barbecue chicken and short ribs served over rice and jab-chae (cellophane noodles), with prices ranging from $5 to $7. Kimchi will run you an extra quarter.

Seoul On Wheels was also the subject of a recent Chowhound search, but has garnered only two reviews so far on Yelp, both of them positive. The truck serves from noon until 12:25 at the construction site on Harrison, just off 1st Street; then from 12:30 until 1:45 at the corner of Embarcadero and Bryant. More route details here.

Thanks to Bay Area Bites for cluing us in.

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