Lark Creek Restaurants Announce May Teacher Discounts

Everyone's always talking about doing stuff for the kids, but Lark Creek Restaurant Group ― owner of Bay Area establishments One Market, Lark Creek Steak, The Tavern at Lark Creek, and Yankee Pier ― is doing a little something for the poor, hard-working, hungry folks charged with teaching those untidy wretches how the world works.

During the entire month of May, the group's stable of eateries will grant teachers and school employees presenting identification $10 discounts on meals ― though not, sadly, alcohol. There is no limit to the number of slightly discounted meals a teacher may enjoy, nor is there a minimum purchase required ― which means you could waltz in, flash your badge, and tuck into a light meal of water, creamed spinach, and a side of red wine butter for a measly two or three bucks after taxes and tip.

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