Laura Beck's Thanksgiving Essential: Vegan Pumpkin Lasagna

SFoodie's series asking some of our favorite San Francisco food people about the dish they just can't celebrate Thanksgiving without.

Laura Beck, author of SFoodie's Week in Vegan and an editor of vegan supersite Vegansaurus, turns seriously cookaholic for Thanksgiving, even though the guest list doesn't stretch much longer than her vegetarian sister and her meat-eating parents. The meal's centerpiece: vegan pumpkin lasagna.

Beck: I grew up in a family that wasn't super focused on food and cooking, so we always had a generic Thanksgiving celebration. The bird was always dry, and I was never super into it.

Now I make a vegan pumpkin lasagna every year that I think is amazing. The thing is my parents are super picky about vegan food in the way that they're not picky about regular food, you know what I mean? With regular food their standards aren't all that high, but then they're Michael Bauer when it comes to vegan food.

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