Leatherneck Steakhouse: Just the Tip of the Marines' Memorial Club

When I called MaryAnn Hatlan, director of food and beverage at the Marines' Memorial Club and Hotel, to ask her a few background questions about its Leatherneck Steakhouse — the subject of this week's full-length restaurant review — she ended up telling me about the history of the club and the building it's housed in.

“You should encourage people to join the club if they're eligible,” she said. Membership is limited to former members of the U.S. armed services with an honorable discharge, as well as active members, who can join for free. “We're a unique environment: a private club, a hotel, and a nonprofit for veterans. We're very quiet about what we do. We don't advertise anywhere, and we're never in the newspaper or billboards.”

The rest of the history follows in Hatlan's words:

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