Let’s All Eat a Zydeco Breakfast, Because Boogaloo’s Is Back!

Walloped by a rent increase and a small fire, the Valencia brunch-and-lunch spot had been closed for two years — but it's open as of today.

Two Valencia Street institutions closed their doors in 2016, but while La Rondalla is now condemned to become a Mixt, Boogaloo’s has reopened as of this morning. A rent scare in 2015 and a fire in 2016 seemed to indicate that the seventh seal had opened, but the reasonably priced brunchatorium on the northeast corner of 22nd and Valencia streets is back. That means we can all have a Zydeco breakfast (two eggs with andouille sausage, black beans, salsa, sour cream, and a corn muffin for $12) once more.

The website is basically nonexistent and the Facebook page hasn’t been updated since announcing the June 2016 residency at Parada 22 in the Upper Haight, where Boogaloo’s existed as a temp-to-perm pop-up. But the huevos rancheros, Nicky’s polenta, the temple o’ spuds, and more are all back.

The pendulum may be swinging back for poor old Valencia, whose stumbles we’ve been following with avid interest these past few months. The former Range space is now a lovely 1960s bar called The Beehive, for one. But ill omens don’t just come in the form of closures, as indicated by La Rondalla’s impending metamorphosis into the 11th location of a soul-crushing high-end salad chain that therefore maxed out its formula-retail allowance. There’s also a lemonade stand opening later this spring on Valencia and 20th with the what-were-you-thinking name of Gourmonade.

Boogaloo’s3296 22nd St., 415-824-3211 or boogaloossf.com


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