Lev's Charts the Next Frontier in Kombucha: Extract

In the wake of the voluntary kombucha recall, Lev's Probiotics of Treasure Island (formerly Lev's Original) has returned to Whole Foods with a vengeance, or at least with a cool new product. Lev's Green Tea Kombucha Extract is designed to be added to all kinds of beverages and sauces ― one tablespoon packs the same nutrients contained in an entire bottle of the company's kombucha. It's a slightly steep investment (Whole Foods Potrero has it for $15.99), but one bottle contains eight servings.

On its own, the extract is not delicious, unless you like chugging vinegar, though, for that reason, it would be a good addition to vinaigrette. Unlike a bottle of kombucha, the extract isn't fizzy, so it can go into lightly carbonated drinks. And it contains no alcohol, so it's unlikely to be yanked from store shelves.

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