Local Mission Eatery Gets a Chocolate Lab

Chocolate labs are magnificent things, if they don't get too fat. The one taking over Local Mission Eatery next week should be magnificent, too, though not in the way you can slap a collar on. Chocolatier sisters Wendy and Susan Lieu of Socola will conduct a chocolate truffle lab ― a hands-on one ― complete with lessons on tempering, ganache-making, dipping, and garnishing. When it's all over you'll get to take home a box of truffles, meaning that if anyone gets fat it probably won't be your dog.

Chocolate Truffle Lab

When: Sun., Dec. 19, 5-7 p.m.

Where: Local Mission Eatery, 3111 24th St. (at Folsom), 655-3422

Cost: $50

Register: Online with Paypal, or in person at the restaurant

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