Lori Baker's Fudge Frosting, in 140 Characters or Less

Since our attention span for following recipes (or anything, really) has only shortened since we ran our Twitter-Size Recipes column a couple years ago, we thought it might be time to resurrect our challenge to local chefs to distill one of their recipes into 140 characters or less.

Lori Baker of Baker and Banker Bakery was first to step up to the dessert plate with a recipe for fudge frosting that looks so easy, we're thinking about sneaking off to the kitchen to make it right now ― though it's safe to say we don't think we can follow Baker's “sit overnight” part.

Lori Baker's Fudge Frosting

2 c. cream, 2 c. sugar, 8 oz. choc, 8 oz. butter. Boil cream and sugar 5 min, pour over choc and butter, whisk, sit overnight

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