Lower Haight Lukewarm to Ike's Place?

Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

For all the press his troubles have generated, you'd think Ike's Place was as loved the Tamale Lady. But if Haighteration commenters are representative of the local temper, San Franciscans might have long ago wearied of the Ike's drama. Today, we learned that owners Ike and Huda Shehadeh have to clear out by midnight. Earlier this month a Facebook campaign launched to urge Ike to consider dragging his bag of Dirty Sauce to Lower Haight, but Lower Haightians aren't exactly lining up to welcome the Shehadehs. Take thomas666:

I doubt he would get any backlash from neighbors if he applies for the proper license and moves into a large location without a huge line outside all day, every day.

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