Make the Trek to Andytown for Their Unique Snowy Plover

The Italians have been serving espresso alongside some type of sparkling or carbonated water for ages now. Traditionally, it's meant to cleanse your palate and help ease the acidity from the espresso. However more recently, you may find the bubbly actually being mixed with the coffee.

Take Andytown in the Outer Sunset, for one, and their Snowy Plover. Why is it worth the trek, exactly?

San Francisco is no stranger to the third wave coffee revolution. In fact, the more recent influx of these hipster/fancy/bourgeois (call it what you will) coffee shops in the past few years is enough to make our heads spin. Because aside from the Edison bulbs, reclaimed wood, beards, man buns (why?), and pristine white walls at these joints, what sets them all apart? It's the fact that with the sheer number of these cafes, it's hard to discern what's worth trying at each individual shop.

Andytown is a nice reprieve. Yes, when you step in, it still feels similar to the rest — there are still reclaimed wood tables, a succulent here and there, and those white walls. But they also serve one of the more unique drinks you'll find at a hipster coffee shop: the Snowy Plover.

[jump] The Snowy Plover, not just a small bird species anymore, is a drink that consists of sparkling water over ice (I spotted Pellegrino when I was there), with two shots of espresso and brown sugar, all topped with a delicious whip cream that's made in-house. Dunk your straw into your drink, mix, and enjoy this frothy and carbonated drink, reminiscent of a light, coffee-based soda float or a less sweet cream soda. In the end, you have a slightly tart, slightly sweet, slightly creamy, and deliciously refreshing coffee beverage. I really dug it, and found myself craving it enough to make a second trip within a week of trying it.

Because as much as we want to, not all of us have the means to make it rain $4 for every cuppa — that starts adding up when it's just coffee. So, X may have the best slow drip in town while Y really kills it with their espresso, but among the sea of lattes, gibraltars, cappuccinos, coffees, macchiatos, and then some, what's really worth the slightly higher price tag (or, worth trying once at least) that'll still give you a nice refreshing caffeinated jolt? This is. And at the very least, you can say that you tried something that you can't just get down the block from you . . . for now.

Andytown may be further down the N-line than most of us are willing to make the trip for. But if it's a beautiful Outer Sunset day (which are occurring more frequently, thank you global warming,) ask for your drink to-go and enjoy it while taking a stroll alongside the beach or on your way to grab a pastry at the nearby Devil's Teeth, for those who are fans of delicious flavor. Andytown also has delicious baked good options, including their ever-changing selection of Irish soda bread and scones (their strawberry corn muffins are a noted standout.)

Oh, and yes, the coffee is excellent as well.

Andytown Coffee Roasters, 3655 Lawton, 753-9775.

Betty Wang is an SF-based glutton, writer, and editor. She also tweets @bettywrites and Instagrams @bettyishungry.

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