Make Way for the Lower Haight's Hot Dog Alley

In Hot Dog Alley, Mojo's working. Actually, Mojo and his cohort are; they've been cooking up hot links, hot dogs, and other treats named after various hoods in San Francisco (Fillmore, SOMA, Haight, and more) for about 10 days now.

SFoodie stopped by in the wee hours of Sunday to try a snappy Tenderloin Dog, bacon-wrapped and laden with jalapeno peppers (we added Sriracha chili sauce and onions for even more zing). It definitely hit the spot, but we were even more excited about the Mission Poppers: Cream-cheese stuffed, bacon-wrapped jalapenos.

Hot Dog Alley sets up shop in the tiny (private property) alley next door to Nickie's BBQ (460 Haight at Fillmore). There aren't any strictly set hours at the moment, but you're likely to find them there from midday until late night, when the neighboring bars let out.

(Food photos after the jump.)


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