Mark Zuckerberg's Kill Displayed, i-Skewers, and Stroganoff's Russian and Thai Food

The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene.

There's a large, looming bison head mounted to the wall of a Facebook conference room, and while Refinery 29 couldn't confirm the buffalo (in the picture from All Things D) was indeed killed by Mark Zuckerberg, we're assuming Facebook wouldn't mount just any trophy. If you'll remember, Zuckerberg made the commitment earlier this year to only eat animals he killed, which makes for a lot of bison burgers.

Skewers in the Sunset: Eater SF shares that the former Shabu Lounge is now i-Skewers. The techy-named Chinese restaurant is serving dim sum and other snacks, as well as the foods-on-sticks (2407 Judah at 29th Ave.).

Well, it's definitely different. Stroganoff, the new Russian restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf has a unique menu addition — Thai food. Inside Scoop reports owner Alex Rabinovich has opened a Russian restaurant in the former Mood Thai space, and has decided to keep the former tenant's menu alongside his own.

The pop-up Juhu Beach Club is making the jump to permanent restaurant. Grub Street reveals  that Preeti Mistry's California-Indian restaurant is slated for the Mission. But it will still be popping-up for awhile, as Mistry's in the ever-long process of securing the right permits. As of Jan. 5, Juhu Beach Club will be popping up in La Victoria on Thursdays.

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