Mayor Lee Comes Out Against the Statewide Shark-Fin Ban

Today, on the Chronicle's “City Insider” blog, Heather Knight reported that interim Mayor Ed Lee has waded into the fight over AB 376. The bill would block the sale and import of shark fins across California. When Knight asked Lee for his thoughts on the ban, he told her, “I'm not supportive of any bans at this point,” a statement that seemed to take her aback not only for its content but for its uncharacteristic bluntness.

Assemblymen Paul Fong and Jared Huffman introduced AB 376, which attempts to help prevent shark finning by eliminating demand, in February of this year. (I wrote about the ban in March.) AB 376 easily passed the Assembly Committee on Appropriations on April 6 and is now awaiting a vote on the Assembly floor.

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