Meet La Graziosa, The Graceful Cookie

Vallejo-based baker La Graziosa, the graceful cookie, began 17 years ago on a family biscotti recipe that has spawned unique varieties like mocha chocolate chip and orange cranberry pistachio, but it's the company's soft cookies that have captivated the Cook E. Monster.

There are 11 cookie varieties in the arsenal here, including mint chocolate chip, peanut butter zebra, white chocolate macadamia, and raspberry almond thumbprint. We're partial to the sweet-tart Meyer lemon flavor, which is half coated in a zesty lemon frosting akin to black and white cookies.

All-natural ingredients are touted on the cling wrap, but don't worry — these don't have the bland taste of health cookies and you'll still feel indulged. Find 'em locally at fine grocers.

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