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Carina Ost

Blogs about: Top Chef, food porn

Carina Ost moves fast. As an avid follower (read: voyeur) of her ever-buzzing Twitter feed will tell you, it seems Carina is always flitting about the chicest restaurants and staying out way past bedtime, all while spurning legions of suitors and watching countless hours of reality TV. Our meal of dolma sandwiches and shawerma at Truly Mediterranean was brief, but I absorbed enough frenetic information to fill 10 blogger profiles.

Jesse: What's your relationship with food?

Carina: My mom tells me I've always been emotional about what I eat. I remember this story from when I was in high school and my neighbor Buzz was a little kid. I wanted eggs with mushrooms, and Buzz said his family could give me some. When I found out later they didn't have any mushrooms, I blew up and started yelling at him about “making false promises” and “the value of his word.”

Has anything changed since then?

Not so much. The other day I was making salad, and I wanted to use hearts of palm from these big jars I had. My cravings were pretty intense. When I couldn't get the jars to open, I launched into full-on panic mode. This is the biggest reason for me to get married, so I can get a husband to open jars (and prevent meltdowns).

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