Meet The Chunky Pig, Berkeley's Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie

Berkeley-based Pavé Consulting, a dessert catering and development firm for restaurants headed by Gina Conedera, has introduced its first confection, the Chunky Pig.

Bacon with sweets can be a dicey proposition, but Conedera avoids some of the common pitfalls with her porcine chocolate chip cookie. It's neither too sweet (thanks to the use of single origin Columbian dark chocolate) nor too overpoweringly meaty (since the bacon pieces are broken up into small threads).

Despite the name, the Chunky Pig is suitable for sharing and doesn't inspire selfishness; a few bites are enough to be satisfied. It's difficult to imagine a local cookie that'd be as much of a conversation piece at a dinner party. Order online or find it at Caffe Roma.

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