Meet the IZ IT Taco Truck: Chinese Fried Chicken, Spam Musubi, and a Family Legacy

Like Broadway shows, some of the best food trucks open out of town. In Brisbane yesterday, IZ IT Fresh Grill was merely the latest to make its debut. The mobile startup is specializing in Chinese-style fried chicken drumsticks it calls “the Icon,” Spam musubi (“Spammers”), and tacos named “Kickers” that take look to Hawaii for inspiration.

That's entirely appropriate, given the owner's pedigree. Kamyn Kong grew up in Honolulu, while her husband had grandparents whose Clement Street deli ― Kwong Shing Market ― achieved modest local fame for its five-spice-scented fried chicken, the same recipe Kong revived for IZ IT. (Kwong Shing shuttered some five years ago.) “The recipe's been in the family for over 50 years,” says Ed Chui, Kong's brother-in-law, and co-proprietor of street-food vendor Adobo Hobo.

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