Minas Brazilian Restaurant & Cachaceria: Your New Caipirinha HQ

In the space formerly home to Canto Do Brasil comes Minas Brazilian Restaurant and Cachaçeria, an equally vivacious pre-opera or post-World Cup match Brazilian restaurant painted the colors of a macaw's feathers. If it sounds like it might be part of Michael Mina's burgeoning empire, it's a coincidence; Minas is actually named for a prominent state in Brazil, Minas Gerais.

It's a meat-heavy joint, with a menu full of chicken marinated in beer (galinha na cerveja), roast leg of pork (sanduiche de pernil) and a beef-and-pork stew (feijoada complete). Lunch is most affordable, with lots of things you might not found many other places, no matter how much linguiça gets incorporated into kitchens everywhere. Mousse de maracuja (or passion fruit) is a nice option when you never want to see another flourless chocolate cake again.

While just the idea of a Brazilian restaurant sounds something like a nonstop cabaret to some people, Minas is actually conservative. It's by no means starchy, but the presentation on the plates is old-school, the staff is noticeably clean-cut and clad in black, and the crowd falls all over the age spectrum, making this more like the nearby Hayes Valley Inn than the edgier, more casual restaurants popping up around the neighborhood.

But if you're so inclined, there are mojitos made with cachaça (the liquor distilled from sugarcane juice) and caipirinhas, caipirinhas, caipirinhas!

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