Miracle on Sutter Street

Pacific Cocktail Haven becomes a redoubt of holiday boozing.

Whether you’re already reaching Peak Grinch or you can’t wait to break out the tiny bottles of Cointreau from your adult Advent calendar, it’s undeniable: The holiday season is practically here. While everyone else is punching each other out at City Target over the last heavily marked-down Juicero, Pacific Cocktail Haven will have a seasonal pop-up.

Miracle takes over Kevin Diedrich’s mixologist paradise and turns it into a winter wonderland starting Friday, Nov. 24 and running until Santa comes through the chimney on Christmas Eve and swipes all the schnapps before the elves can even inventory it. One of more than 50 such holiday pop-ups around the country since the concept originated in New York four years ago, there will be garlands, ribbons, and swag — the wreath-y kind, not the free-bag-of-promo-crap kind — and plenty of Xmas wordplay, making the Lower Nob Hill cocktail bar a welcome refuge from rampant consumerism and right-wing defensiveness.

These are not half-assed, phoned-in drinks, either. At Miracle, you can drink a “Yippie Ki Yay Mother F****r!” (Barbados rum, cachaça, Trinidad Overproof rum, purple yam, coconut, orgeat, and pineapple) or a “You’ll Shoot Your Rye Out” (pumpkin-spiced rye whiskey, Budweiser, marshmallow syrup, and egg), plus a Naughty Shot and a Nice Shot. We wish you a happy whatever-you-celebrate, and if you’re still a curmudgeon every December, this pop-up might make your heart grow three sizes.

Miracle, Nov. 24-Dec. 24, at Pacific Cocktail Haven, 580 Sutter St., pacificcocktailsf.com

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