Mission Bowling Club: More Focus on Food

Mission Bowling Club opened in March and instantly separated itself from every other alley in the Bay Area with a sleek interior and thoughtful, delicious food from Anthony Myint (Mission Street Food, Mission Chinese Food, Commonwealth). The new year brings an increased focus on the food at the Dining Room at MBC, with chef Chris Kiyuna's promotion to executive chef and the addition of more refined (yet still affordable) dishes.

With this fresh concept comes expensive rates for bowling — up to $55 per hour after 8 p.m. — and as very infrequent bowlers, we've always thought of this as a place that's better for eating and drinking well-balanced cocktails than knocking down pins. The food prices, by contrast, are a value, with sophisticated dishes hiding in approachable, generously portioned forms.

For the Dining Room at MBC, Kiyuna, who previously cooked at the Front Porch and Coi, is adding entrees such as root-beer glazed duck breast. He's air-drying the ducks himself and will serve a whole breast for $20. Staples such as Myint's Mission Burger, a delicacy that preceded this dining room, will remain on the menu.

Diners were able to preview the duck and other new dishes at a four-course New Year's Eve prix fixe menu. With luck, 2013 will bring more exciting dishes to the MBC tables.

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