Mission Pie Goes Solar

Mission Pie, already one of the few restaurants to achieve green certification, just ramped up its sustainability with the installation of rooftop solar panels to provide up to a third of its power.

“It keeps getting windier in the Mission. Maybe we should have gone with wind power,” joked co-owner Karen Heisler.

Solar power has been on the Mission Pie wishlist since it opened in 2007, but starting a food business is time-consuming and costly; Heisler and co-owner Krystin Rubin had other projects to tackle first. When they finally started talking to Claire Hill of the small SF solar company Luminalt last year, they were ready to take the plunge.

Rubin said the installation price was neither “shockingly high or delightfully low,” but will reduce Mission Pie's significant electric bill by one quarter to one third. “It's an act of faith that our business will thrive long enough for the cost to be absorbed,” she said.

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