Mission Pie Will Close Forever in September

The 12-year-old bakery and restaurant didn't want to compromise its socially-conscious mission to stay in business.

When Mission Pie bravely stood up to the gig economy in May, it did so on behalf of restaurants sick of cowing to delivery services who take most, if not all, the profits to be made from their labor. That gig economy will have one less adversary in the coming months. 

On Sept. 1, Mission Pie will close its doors in San Francisco, Mission Local reports.

The 12-year-old restaurant and bakery on Mission and 25th streets prides itself on socially conscious values that involved ethically sourcing its ingredients, treating employees well with benefits, and keeping its menu affordable for the neighborhood. 

But as owners Krystin Rubin and Karen Heisler told Mission Local, to remain above water financially, they would have to compromise those standards. Increasing business through deliveries or supplying them through local grocery stores wouldn’t do. Delivery apps often charge 30 percent commission and don’t offer even near the same wages and benefits as Mission Pie, while the freshness of their baked goods would be compromised if stocked elsewhere.  

The bakery will have one last hurrah at its 13th and final community pie contest on Aug. 17.

Mission Pie, 2901 Mission St., 415-282-1500 or missionpie.com


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