Mission Street Food to Bring Technique-Driven Comfort Food to a Bowling Alley

In the Mission District, the dream of a brand new sporting center with satisfying, original food grows. After navigating a fiery pit of Planning Department fees that could have destroyed the project before it began, Mission Bowling Club co-owner Sommer Peterson now tells SFoodie they have secured all of their building permits and expect to open in February 2012 at 3176 17th Street. 

The food program will fall under the direction of author and restaurateur Anthony Myint, who is best known for creating Mission Street Food. That means that patrons will be able to enjoy quality meals and snacks in a context where food is normally a stomach-steeling vending machine endeavor.

“The food can be loosely described as technique-driven comfort food, and will resemble the kind of food served at Mission Street Food in spirit if not actual items,” explains Myint. “An example is the Mission Burger, which employs the method popularized by Heston Blumenthal, and which we've dubbed granulation. As before, our version will involve aging the meat, searing the patties in beef fat, and serving with caper aioli, caramelized onion and Monterey jack. Early on, we will also be serving snacks, food on sticks, salads, entrees and desserts.”

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