Mitchell Rosenthal's 2011 Food Find: Roast Chicken and Super-Fresh Fish

SFoodie is calling up food types around the city to ask them about their favorite discovery of the past year, whether it's new or ancient, an ingredient or a person. We'll be running their responses through the end of the year.

​Mitchell Rosenthal, executive chef and co-owner of the Town HallAnchor & Hope family of restaurants, just returned from a national tour promoting his first cookbook, Cooking My Way Back Home. When SFoodie asked Rosenthal how his 2011 was, he replied, “Busy!” What with the new book and Corners Tavern, the restaurant he's preparing to open in Walnut Creek, “busy” seems like an understatement.

Although he doesn't have much time to eat out, Rosenthal says, “the one new place I ate that I thought was great is Roostertail. [Owners] Gerard and Tracy used to work for me at Postrio. I had the roast chicken and the brisket there, and they were good — really, really good. I'm 51 now, so I watch what I eat, so it was great to see the food was healthy, too.” 

Rosenthal also says that the restaurant he ate at the most often in 2011 was Aziza. “For the level of cooking you get there, it's not very expensive — and it's an extremely high level of cooking. I think I ate there three times in a month and a half, and each time was great. That's hard to achieve, even in good restaurants.”

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