Monday Eight: Blue Bottle Cold Brew in a Can?

Plus Grand Fare Market will be back, a troubled corner location in the Castro changes names and concepts, and Questlove is even cooler than you thought he was. 

[jump] Blue Bottle in a Can Is Coming
It's always so warm in Los Angeles that cold brew is a year-round necessity, so it's no surprise that Blue Bottle will premiere its $4, eight-ounce cans of cold brew this week at the Expo West convention in Anaheim, according to the L.A. Times, which compares it to BB-8. “On March 18, they will become available at Blue Bottle’s Los Angeles, New York and Bay Area shops, and beginning in April, you’ll be able to find them at select Whole Foods supermarkets nationwide.” 

Grand Fare Market Will Return
Via Berkeleyside, the splashy Grand Fare Market in Oakland's Grand Lake neighborhood tanked very shortly after opening, but owners Doug Washington and Freya Prowe confirmed that the second go-round move in the direction of a smaller, cafe-style business that focuses on prepared foods, and with more seating. Good news!

Ovok Will Become The Castro Republic
I don't want to say “I called this one” because really anyone could have smelled this coming. Ovok, the temporary-feeling replacement to SliderBar, turns out to have been very temporary, and according to Hoodline will shortly change hands and become The Castro Republic. (SliderBar, you will remember, went down in flames after endless troubles with vermin, and replaced Criolla Kitchen, which replaced Bagdad Cafe.)

Lemonade Hopes to Take Over a La Boulange de Sunset
According to Eater, the Southern California chain Lemonade wants to take over a number of former La Boulanges around the Bay Area, including one on Ninth Avenue between Lincoln and Irving. Being a chain, it's subject to a conditional review, so don't hold your breath for this happening during 2016.

Indian Paradox Opens on Divis
Its name is a reference to the French Paradox, the ability of French people to eat a fatty diet without dropping dead of cardiovascular disease. According to Hoodline, 500-square-foot wine bar and street food restaurant Indian Paradox is now open at 258 Divisadero, serving lamb shish kabobs, bhelpuris, and more.

You're Really Going to Want to Hang Out With Questlove If You Read This
The New York Times shows how Questlove, in spite of not wanting to be considered yet another celeb who's cynically extending his brand into food, kind of does just that, minus the cynical part. He hosts salons full of famous people, he judges “Top Chef,” and he eats baller lettuce cups: “His favorite dish at the salon was a South African malva pudding with blood orange sherbet put together by Jessica Koslow of Sqirl in Los Angeles. But 'it was the first time I had sugar in, like, five weeks,' Mr. Thompson said.”

Don't You Hate the Word 'Natural' Means Absolutely Nothing Anymore?

“Organic,” “sustainable” and “chemical-free” are borderline-meaningless buzzwords, but nothing beats “natural” for sheer idiocy. Wouldn't it be great if the FDA were to define it and stop all the fraud? Here's a petition asking the agency to do just that. (Salon has some good background with the activists behind this push.)

You Can Eat a Good Meal in an Italian Prison
Long an outlier among European Union nations for its harsh penal code, Italy is combining rehabilitation with some aggressive guerrilla marketing to lure non-incarcerated citizens into prisons for dinner. According to the New York Times, it wasn't hard to get a chef: ““I’ve seen a lot of crazy people working in kitchens outside of here!” Mr. Manzo said.

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