Monday Eight: How Many Restaurants Can S.F. Sustain?

Plus Revelry takes over the former Samovar in Hayes Valley, Amy Schumer leaves a fat tip, and we might be on the verge of determining how high an edible will get you.

[jump] Are We at Peak Restaurant?
San Francisco Magazine looks at the hard numbers behind the restaurant exploston. In spite of the seemingly endless number of openings, it's not all rosy: “in a certain respect, restaurants are faced with the same problem afflicting tech startups, which struggle with high turnover rates among an itinerant millennial workforce eager to take advantage of the boom.”

Dungeness Crab Fishing OK'd to Sonoma-Mendocino Line
Domoic acid levels have fallen to negligible amounts for a bigger swath of the California coast, according to KRON 4, so we may now enjoy Dungeness crab. Fishermen are still in a bind, however.

Starbucks Screws Latte Drinkers
According to KQED, Starbucks has been hit with a class-action suit alleging that the coffee giant routinely underfills its lattes by up to 25 percent. They want to save on milk, it turns out.

Revelry Moves Into Former Samovar in Hayes Valley
According to Hoodline, the former Samovar Tea Lounge at 297 Page Street will soon become Revelry Bistro, a more-or-less-French restaurant that will be open for dinner Wednesdays through Sundays. Look for wild Florida rock shrimp with celery root remoulade,  a truffled cauliflower and potato gratin with sautéed spinach and oysters!

Hina Yakitori Comes to Temescal
There's a yakitori space hitting Telegraph Avenue, and its owner seems (half-)convinced it's not the best idea. According to Inside Scoop, Jonathan Moon of Hina Yakitori has opened five restaurants in one space, but he has reason to be optimistic this time: It's mostly chicken grilled over a special Japanese charcoal, plus a lot of sake and beer. What's not to love?

How High Will That Edible Get You?
If you ever consumed an edible and got way too fucking high, don't worry, you're in good company. But still, the question hovers around the entire cannabis industry. Munchies says that the advent of flash chromotography is about to help us determine just how much THC everything contains.

Sardine Forks? Yes, Really
Note: This is not a trend piece. The New York Times is not trying to make sardine forks a thing. But those five, wide-spaced tines are pretty fab.

Amy Schumer Leaves $1,000 Tip on $77 Drink Order
What a class act! She did it at Hamilton, according to Mashable.

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