Monday Eight: Inside The Temporarium, and Killer Bees in Concord

Plus Bluestem Brasserie rolls out a new dessert menu, and a Menlo Park wine shop founded in 1882 announced its closure.

[jump] All About The Temporarium, a Philosophical Cafe in the Mission
Hoodline profiles The Temporarium, a two-month-old cafe at 3414 22nd Street near Guerrero that seems to be a disquisition on the fleeting nature of reality. It's basically a terrarium of temporary things, says owner Avery Burke, who is also a teacher of philosophy.

The Africanized Honeybees Aren't Just Coming! They're Already Here!
Most news about bees is the depressing kind about colony collapses and neonicotinoids and the eventual demise of all agriculture, but The Guardian has this gross-slash-cool-slash-highly-upsetting story about bees killing everybody and stinging everybody in Concord. The last line is quite chilling, too: “The swarm may have invaded a more peaceful hive, bred with its queen and then killed her.” Never forget Bees Bees Bees.

Beltramo's Wines and Spirits Closing
The 134-year-old, family-owned Beltrano Wines and Spirits in Menlo Park (1540 El Camino Real) will close, according to Shanken News Daily. Whatever replaces it will not be a wine store.

Conquer Your Fear With Bluestem Brasserie's New Dessert Menu
Bluestem Brasserie (1 Yerba Buena Lane) has created a new dessert menu based on the all-too-universal anxiety known as arachibutyrophobia, or the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. The dessert of the same name combines a peanut butter semifreddo, a roasted banana caramel, flourless chocolate cake with a dark chocolate glaze, peanut brittle, and banana chips. There's also a Southern Cherry
Bread Puddin' made with buttermilk bourbon caramel, a Spring Strawberry Swirl cheesecake, and a buttermilk panna cotta with rhubarb gel called a Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Rhubarb in a Tub. Everything's $11.

The First 24-Hour Unstaffed Grocery Store Opens in Minnesota
Remember when we freaked out about Eatsa, the robot-quinoa place? The first fully automated grocery store has opened in New Prague, Minn., with the intent to provide rural customers with access to affordable, high-quality food. While it begs the question of how far automation can go, depriving people of jobs and the income needed to buy food, it's a good way to get organic produce to people who lack it. Co-founder Kendra Rasmussen tells Good that, “We’re here to solve one problem – not all problems … job creation just isn’t our focus.”

Freakish Genetically Modified Corn Might Feed Us in the Future
Gizmodo has this kinda-creepy story about how turning off genes that halt endless growth of corn kernels might feed a future human population of eight or nine billion people. The hard part was getting the mutant ears of corn not to collapse under their own weight. It's … unsettling.

The World's Longest Pizza Will Be Created in Naples
Records for the title of world's longest pizza keep getting broken, and according to NPR, some determined Neapolitans are going for a pie that's two kilometers in length. To put that in perspective for non-metric-system types, that's basically the distance from the Ferry Building to Sixth and Market streets.

It's Gut Week

The data nerds at, fresh off the statistical debacle that was Nate Silver's insistence that Donald Trump would never be the GOP nominee, is embarking upon Gut Week, which means they're going to talk about poop and bacteria and all manner of gross stuff. Yea!

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